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Free Seminar, 10/25/14: Wills & Trusts

Please join us next Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 10:00 AM until Noon for a free seminar about Trusts and Wills.




Christens Come Home

On Saturday, October 4, 2014, Hartford Properties had the pleasure of facilitating the Christen Family Reunion at our office located at 1427 Valencia Street in San Francisco. Our office is the ancestral home of the Christen family who first lived and operated a dairy on these premises. One only has to look at the porch before opening the front door to know the Christen family roots run deep here.

Ghosts At 1427 Valencia Street?

It has been said that homes take on the spirit of their occupants over time. As we near Halloween and the Day of The Dead next week, it's a good time to reflect on the people who previously resided in our current location and honor their memory. Our office at 1427 Valencia Street was the home and business of the Christen family from 1899 until 1967.  According to a Christen family descendant, at least four Christen family members passed away in the property.

The Christens originated from the German part of Switzerland and Dairy Farming was their business. What started as a relatively small operation in back of the house in a barn grew to become the Christen Dairy Ranch located where the present day Serramonte Shopping Mall sits in Daly City.

So, have we had any ghostly visits at 1427 Valencia Street? Not specifically, but out of the ordinary incidents have been reported: Doors opening when no one is there or no window was open that could have caused a door to blow open, documents printing without signatures immediately after said documents were signed and envelopes appearing down the hall from where they were put. The general atmosphere of the house, however, is bright, open and welcoming.

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